Acne causes, symptoms and treatment

Acne is a condition that affects mostly the skin on the face. To some victims, it can be due to genetic reasons. On the other hand, it could be due to the gross mishandling of the skin. It could also be due to the use of unhealthy cosmetics on the face. It mostly affects teenagers as well as young adults. When not treated early, it is set to take a totally different turn from what is expected. All the more reason for you to take proper care of your skin and wait for the outcome.

Causes of acne

Acne causesAcne is a difficult topic especially when you have no idea what you are up against. Both victims and non-victims are supposed to be in the picture about it. When you know what there is to know about acne, the easier it will be for you. Here are the causes;

  • Unhealthy diet – This is especially in relation to the foods rich in unnecessary fats and oils. They get absorbed into the bloodstream and finally become visible on the face. The perfect way to prevent the occurrence of acne is by drinking plenty of water. This helps in flushing out all harmful acne causing toxins from your system.
  • Presence of bacteria in the face – It gets even worse when you are not planning to wash it off anytime soon. Your dermatologist will prescribe to you a mild soap suitable for your skin.
  • The use of contraceptives in some women – Different people have different bodies which react differently to some things. Birth control pills could be one of them.

Symptoms of acne

Acne causesIt is dangerous to live without full knowledge of acne. It is possible that you might misinterpret it and mistake it for something else. It has different phases which must be thoroughly understood. Here are the symptoms you should be on the lookout for;

  • Red or dark spots which tend to swell – Their color depends on the color of your skin. They appear in droves which, in worst cases, may spread towards the neck.
  • Presence of lumps underneath the skin – Upon closer observation, these lumps tend to have some kind of fluid in them. Whatever you do, don’t pop them for any reason. They’ll get worse and even more painful.
  • Visibility of whiteheads – They all start as an innocent rush on the skin. Unknown to us, they must be closely monitored so they will not develop into something worse.

Treatment of acne

Acne causesContrary to popular beliefs, acne does have a stable kind of treatment. They vary in relation to skin types. You can’t apply the same treatment on every level of acne. Here are some ideas on how to bring it under control;

  • Use mild soap and warm water to gently clean wash the face. Do this at least twice every day to avoid the clogging of pores on your skin.
  • Try different types of cleansers according to medical instructions.
  • Use some bit of alcohol to get rid of bacteria that forms on the skin. It works almost instantly especially when it’s not diluted.